awareness & excitement

Awareness, attitudes and usage (AAU) metrics relate closely to the hierarchy of effects – consumers progress through sequential stages starting from lack of awareness of a brand, product, service and/or solution, and culminating in loyalty towards a brand, product and/or solution. Therefore, creating awareness about a brand, product, solution or service among the target audience is the first step in influencing adoption.

At Beahead, we have assimilated the 5 foremost units of measurement to track awareness, and systematically designed a flexible strategy that can be customized based on the unique requirements of an organization. The AWARENESS package is designed for organizations to drive awareness of their brands, products, solutions and services. The offerings under this package can be customized to a granular level to cater to the exact requirements of a particular organization, or a specific set of target audience.

Organizations may select any of the 5 metrics: (1) site visits, (2) ad views, (3) article/post views, (4) click rates, and (5) participation – based on which we will come up with a customized marketing plan, leveraging one of the 9 pre-defined channels/media of engagement.

The Beahead project team will not only design the awareness and audience excitement focused marketing campaign(s) for you – but also design and develop the content and interaction points that will help achieve the desired outcomes within a specific timeline and budget. The team will partner with identified stakeholders from the customer and partner ecosystems to deliver targeted campaigns that will drive optimized outcomes.

Below is the approach we use in driving awareness and excitement about products, solutions, services and brands:

internet advertising
search engine marketing
mobile advertising
paid applications
click rates
site visits | ad views
social media
click rates
participation | views
site visits