ecosystem readiness

To influence adoption of any product and/or service, it is pertinent that the workforce is technologically adept and ready to work with that product and/or service. Ecosystem and workforce readiness helps measure the maturity of a specific technology as well as the maturity/readiness of the target audience set to use a specific product and/or service.

Beahead’s READINESS package is designed for organizations to help train target audiences – within the organization as well as in the larger ecosystem – and in the process drive workforce readiness. This package is designed for product development companies, service providers, enterprises, and small and medium businesses. The package is built around 3 key pillars:

1. Knowledge Sharing:
This is the base pillar which is required to ensure that there’s continuous knowledge sharing and audience development, day-in and day-out.
2. Learning:
This is the next pillar that builds on the earlier Knowledge pillar, focused on driving in-depth training and readiness of specific stakeholders. This pillar enables the workforce and the ecosystem to get ready for technology implementation and management today and moving into the future.
3. Certification:
This pillar is about measurement and recognition of expertise in specific domains. While it helps individuals grow in their career, it is of most importance to organizations offering solutions and services, where certifications are the recognized source of accreditation of expertise in certain technology areas.

Organizations may select from any of the 6 metrics: (1) subscriptions, (2) site visitors, (3) contributions (blogs, communities), (4) registrations (events, contests), (5) attendees (events, labs), and (6) certifications – based on which we will come up with a customized marketing plan, leveraging one of the 8 engagement channels and/or media.

The Beahead project team will not only design the readiness focused marketing campaign(s) for you – but also design and develop the content and interaction points that will help achieve the desired outcomes within a specific timeline and budget. The team will partner with identified stakeholders from the customer and partner ecosystems to deliver targeted campaigns that will drive optimized outcomes.

Below is the approach we use in driving workforce and ecosystem readiness about products and solutions:

visitors | contributors
online trainings/labs
on-ground events
on-ground hands-on-labs
registrations | attendees
feedback ratings
career advice
certification trainings