human rights

Beahead recognizes that as a leading technology, marketing and sales solution provider, our business can help to promote – or be used to impede – human rights. The stakes grow higher every year as information and technology become ever more important in how people work, learn and interact with one another.

We recognize and accept the important responsibility we have to respect human rights, and aim to put our resources together to promote respect for human rights throughout the world.

Our commitment to human rights is embodied in our mission of helping people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. We work to foster economic growth and individual opportunities among millions of people through our ecosystem enablement focused initiatives.

In pursuing our mission, we have adopted a wide range of policies, practices and programs across a number of areas that are important to human rights, including: privacy, security, free expression, labor rights, equality, diversity; and access to education. We approach this work with an understanding that our efforts do not stand on their own, instead impacting communities around the world