sales & market development

The final step in the adoption process is purchase of products and/or services by customers – after they have satisfied themselves with the usability of the products/services for specific organizational requirements.

The MARKET DEVELOPMENT & SALES LEADS package designed by Beahead focuses on engaging with the enterprise, small and medium business segments to assess market requirements, drive sales leads, and influence direct and impacted revenue. This package is designed for software and hardware companies, and service providers. This package involves a 3-step process that includes:

1. Profiling:
This step focuses on gather market insights, approximating industry trends, identifying potential customer segments, profiling them, and facilitating a connection with them.
2. Decision-Maker Connect:
The second step of the process involves engaging the organizations and decision- makers to influence favorable purchase decisions.
3. Pipeline & Leads:
The final step involves assessing interest, generating leads and converting them into sales through a combination of inside and field sales engagements.

Organizations may select from any or all of the 6 metrics mentioned below – based on which we will come up with a customized sales and marketing plan, leveraging the 12 components mentioned below. We will not only design the campaign(s) – but also design and develop the content and interaction points that will help achieve the desired outcomes within a specific timeline and budget. Below is the approach we use to drive sales pipeline:

market profiling & research
organization profiling
decision maker & end user profiling
ongoing enrichment
# of Org Profiles
# of Individual Profiles
decision maker connect
organization connect
decision maker connect
decision maker briefings
test labs
Decision Maker Connect
Online + Offline
pipeline & leads generation
interest assessment
leads generation
leads qualification
sales conversion
# of Leads
$ Revenue Conversion