solution showcase

While innovators and early adopters would take the leap, based on their experience evaluating a product and/or service, the larger majority would wait for proofs-of-success to make any new product adoption/deployment decision. This is where showcase comes in – validating the claims of a product and/or a service to deliver on its promises.

At Beahead, we have designed the SHOWCASE package to highlight key enterprise wins and champions developing/deploying consumer and/or enterprise solutions. This package is designed for product companies, service providers, enterprises, and mid-to-small sized companies. There are 2 types of packages that we offer under this category:

1. Contribution-based:
This can be leveraged to encourage individual developers and infrastructure professionals to submit their stories and videos that organizations may showcase through various online and offline channels.
2. Case Study based Showcase:
This package allows organizations to create case studies of beachhead wins, so as to drive enterprise adoption and revenue.

Organizations may select from any of the 5 metrics – (1) # and quality of testimonials, (2) # and quality of white papers, (3) # and quality of articles, (4) # and quality of case studies, and (5) views – based on which we will come up with a customized marketing plan, leveraging one of the 6 components.

We will not only design the marketing campaign(s) – but also design and develop the content and interaction points that will help achieve the desired outcomes within a specific timeline and budget. Below is the approach we use for customer and partner solution showcase:

showcase focused testimonial
news & media channels
social media
# of testimonials | views
quality of testimonials
articles & whitepapers
case-study creation
partner/customer interviews
content quantity | content quality
content depth