trial & evaluation

Once the workforce and/or the ecosystem is trained and ready to use a specific product and/or service, the next step involves evaluating the product and/or service – systematically determining the merit, worth and significance of the same against a set of defined criteria and standards. This is the phase that eventually helps organizations decide whether to adopt a product or not.

We have designed the TRIAL & EVALUATION package for organizations to help drive usage of specific products and services by audience subsets. This package is designed for product development companies and service providers. There are 2 types of evaluation packages:

1. Free Evaluation:
These are primarily trial packages that organizations may use to help technology professionals evaluate their new and upcoming products.
2. Paid Evaluation:
These are trial packages that offer organizations an opportunity to deploy enterprise ready platforms and solutions for a specific period of time, to evaluate the feasibility of the same to perform required functionalities.

Organizations may select from any of the 2 above mentioned evaluation focused solutions – based on which we will come up with a customized marketing plan, leveraging one of the 8 audience engagement channels and/or media. We will not only design the marketing campaign(s) – but also design and develop the content and interaction points that will help achieve the desired outcomes within a specific timeline and budget.

Below is the approach we use for driving trial and evaluation of products and services among a focused set of audience:

internet advertising
search engine marketing
mobile advertising
paid applications
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social media
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